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Right Knee and ITB

March 29, 2010


I did a bit of speedwork last sunday and still felt the fatigue from Friday’s 20 mile run. I called it a day pretty early. But what’s worse was the pain in my right knee which arise during the long runs. It got worse I didn’t take care of it. Thinking that a 2-day rest […]

Running Log – Run Misty Rain

March 19, 2010


As with my last long run, I took effort to get fuelled up before the run. It was 2 slices of bread with crunchy peanut butter and a cup of hot milo. And for this run, I experimented with SIS GO Gels and no water. I started at a rather slow pace. I wanted to […]

Running Log – Steady Run in Ascis

March 16, 2010


First run of the week. I’m getting lazy and I think I know why. The challenge which I had set 10 weeks ago is now irrelevant. I need a new challenge. A new goal. I want to run a sub-4 hr marathon. With an official cut-off time of 4:30, I suppose I MUST achieve that […]

Running Log – Brain Braun Battle

March 12, 2010


Long run for the week took me back to Topsham. I ran at a pace that was about 2 mins slower than my usual steady run pace. That meant my heart rate was lower and the focus was more on muscle fatigue endurance. A beautiful morning turned into cold, strong headwind. But I wasn’t done. […]

Running Log – Morning Run

March 9, 2010


After a 4-day break from running, I was feeling anxious and guilty. I had also just signed up for the Taunton Marathon which has a cut-off time of 4:30. I had drawn up a 4-week training plan on top of whatever I had done so far. So this morning’s run was like the beginning of […]

Running Log – Countryside Run, Thorverton

March 5, 2010


Just completed the long run for the week. Instead of distance, I set the amount of time spent running as the goal. The pace will then not be dictated by time but the condition of my body. Decided to go for the Upton Pyne area as suggested by Caroline. And I was delighted and pleased […]

Running Log – Up & Down a Hill

March 3, 2010


Hill runs today. Managed to get out after work for a hill run training. Nothing too strenuous. Took it easy just striding up the slope which was about 30 degrees. I wasn’t particularly trying to take the hill at flat out speed. Rather, I was concentrating on lifting the knees and heels. I didn’t ran […]