Running Log – Run Misty Rain

Posted on March 19, 2010


As with my last long run, I took effort to get fuelled up before the run. It was 2 slices of bread with crunchy peanut butter and a cup of hot milo. And for this run, I experimented with SIS GO Gels and no water.

I started at a rather slow pace. I wanted to use as little of my glycogen storage as possible. And the tactic seemed to work. After the first 5 miles, I picked up speed a little. The mist was cooling and thought it will be an absolute winner back in Singapore’s humidity and heat.

After 75 mins of running, I had my first pack of gel. It tasted like some cough syrup and went down well. I certainly felt the boast in energy and managed to pick up some pace. But the energy boast was playing tricks with my mind. Somehow, I felt I needed another pack when it was only just another 30 mins after that initial pack. I wanted to keep pace and not slow down but I was getting tired. I resisted the temptation initially but succumbed to it after 45 mins. I was around the 15-mile mark and finished the run without a third pack.

Unlike last week’s run, I did not suffer from cramps. My left ankle was feeling fine. But the right knee was still strained and right plantar fascia was hurting. The support from the Asics 1150 must be working for the left foot but over-supportive for the right.

Nevertheless, it was a good run. I felt I might have run faster but let’s save that for the actual race.

Time ran: 3:02:06
Distance ran: 20 miles

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