Michelmores Charity Run 2010

Posted on June 8, 2010


It was raining the entire day but weather forecast said it would be sunny at 7pm. It wasn’t sunny but the rain stopped and the weather held. The run was on. The turnout wasn’t huge but i suppose it wasn’t suppose to be anyway.

The race kicked off at 6.40pm with the team runners going first. All of us were wearing green cotton tees and the only tell-tale sign of the faster runners were their lightweight racing shoes.

I chucked myself into the middle of the crowd, hopefully among runners of the same pace. Only into the first 1k, some of the slower runners were holding up the pace. Myself would become one of them after the 2nd km. As much as I tried, I wasn’t flowing. My breathing was too heavy, legs too sluggish, arms and shoulders too tense…

Into the final km, with Double Locks in sight, I pushed forward, thinking the finishing line was just round the bend. But it wasn’t, and I faltered. While I picked up 2-3 guys into the final 500m, I was overtaken by about 4 runners in the final 50m!

As I caught my breath across the finishing line, a quick look at the watch. 22:50. 14 sec up from the last 5k race. I ran 4min for the first km but slowed to a 5min for the 2nd km. Lots of work to do before a 20 min-ish 5k…

For the rest, Mark was 3rd fastest male. Claire was 3rd fastest women. Emily was 2nd fastest. Lee did 17:56. Cameron 19 min +. And Ironbrigde Runner was 1st team. Well done x.

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