I Found a Trail

Posted on May 9, 2010


Took the usual route to Topsham which I did in good controlled pace. Return trip was a disaster. It could be the headwind. Or maybe my afternoon coffee and banana. Or perhaps I was simply too tired from all the running… The run ended in a walk-run-walk-run sequence until I finally gave up and gobbled down the pack of gel I was carrying.

It took about 10 mins for my body to get re-engerized. I’ll have to do better if I want to run a mountain marathon!

But the highlight of the run had to be the new trail I found. It was a small path, half dirt, half gravel that stretches from Topsham to Countess Wear. Perfect for a quiet run away from the traffic.

Just for the record… 13 miles, 1:47, 3 stops…