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So Far So Good

May 31, 2010


The weather has been pretty good recently, averaging in the high tens with some sunny days. The Cornwall pool is open and I have been doing a bit of swimming. It’s a small 25m pool with heating. While a little crowded at times, the pool is warm and reasonably clean. Did a short 20 min […]

I Found a Trail

May 9, 2010


Took the usual route to Topsham which I did in good controlled pace. Return trip was a disaster. It could be the headwind. Or maybe my afternoon coffee and banana. Or perhaps I was simply too tired from all the running… The run ended in a walk-run-walk-run sequence until I finally gave up and gobbled […]

Uni Hill. GWR. Minefield. DMM.

May 4, 2010


Did some hill runs just now. Ran up uni hill 8 times. Felt like dying but truly satisfied. In fact I enjoyed the feeling of thrashing my lactate threshold and fighting with my mind to keep going. And rightfully, I should enjoy my runs. If I wasn’t, why am I doing it again and again? […]

Not Exactly Yasso 800

April 28, 2010


Woke up early today for a quick workout. Had a quick cuppa of milo and Kellogg’s bar for energy. The weather was cooling yet sunny. The ideal spring morning. Did a longer warm-up run, about 1km, as I wanted to really warm up the Achilles tendon and calves. Found a quiet spot away from cyclists […]

What’s next?

April 25, 2010


This is a tough week. I am trying to get back into shape. Did a few runs. But I’ve stopped counting them already, especially the mileage. I feel that I should focus more on the discipline of following a training plan and having a good sense of my body condition while staying injury free. But […]

Right Knee and ITB

March 29, 2010


I did a bit of speedwork last sunday and still felt the fatigue from Friday’s 20 mile run. I called it a day pretty early. But what’s worse was the pain in my right knee which arise during the long runs. It got worse I didn’t take care of it. Thinking that a 2-day rest […]

Running Log – Run Misty Rain

March 19, 2010


As with my last long run, I took effort to get fuelled up before the run. It was 2 slices of bread with crunchy peanut butter and a cup of hot milo. And for this run, I experimented with SIS GO Gels and no water. I started at a rather slow pace. I wanted to […]