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The Great West Run 5km

January 31, 2010


This is my first overseas race. Running in a race is always different from the usual training runs. And running in unfamiliar conditions adds to the excitement. Not to mention, I was the only asian there. I hadn’t plan to join this race as I felt the race entry fee was a little hefty for […]

Running Log – Back To Topsham

January 30, 2010


Finally, long run for the week. Decided to do a run to Topsham again. Lots of sun but the temperature was low. It was around 2 degrees. And the wind was terribly cold and strong. Into the first mile, I felt tired. I couldn’t lift my knees as much as I wanted to. I was […]

The Great Shoe Debate Continues

January 28, 2010


Once again, the Great Shoe Debate has been rekindled. Daniel Lierberman’s report in nature (if that’s too technical, read this) sparked a quick response at the running front which was aptly titled: Barefoot Running Goes Ballistic. Well, as a Newton Running blog, the post quickly turned into a Newton vs Vibram discussion. But within it, […]

Running Log – Evening City Run

January 27, 2010


This evening run has put my running back on schedule. Didn’t have much inspiration for a new route so I did a run round the city centre. And boy was it a yummy one. The route took me past the clock tower at queens street roundabout, up blackall road, past sidwell street, before turning back […]

Running Log – Just Another Run

January 26, 2010


The run was slow and easy (cowley route). Waking up and getting out of bed were harder. After missing my monday run, the lazy bug was back. That can’t be happening. Not after I’ve put in 2 weeks of effort to keep the running going. But I started thinking why. Why should I keep running? […]

Running Log – Fartlek To The Quay

January 24, 2010


I struggled the whole day whether to go for a run. In the end, the good in me prevailed. And someone seemed to be telling me that I should have ran in the morning when the sun when shining bright and warm. It started drizzling the moment I started running. The little raindrops did worked […]

Haile Wins 2010 Dubai Marathon

January 22, 2010


A sore back. A hard fought victory just 24 seconds ahead of the runner-up Chala. Not a record breaking time. And the $1 Million? It stays in the bank for now. But above those news, it was Haile’s winner attitude that amazes and shines. In the press story, Haile was reported saying, “I slept in […]