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The Great West Run 10km

February 28, 2010


The race was part of the Great West Run warm-up series to the actual half-marathon in May. After the 5km race, I was determined to fare better this time round. I did a tempo run last friday instead of my usual long run which I will be doing tomorrow. There were more runners than the […]

Running Log – The Sun, The Wind & The Pain

February 26, 2010


Today is a bright and sunny day. It is not too cold at all. A sign that spring is round the corner. It would be a great day to do a long run to the Upton/Brampford area. But I had decided to do a speedwork instead in preparation for the 10k run this sunday. The […]

Running Log – Step On It

February 24, 2010


It rained almost the entire day. But luckily the weather was fine as I went for today’s evening steady run. When I say evening, it really is dark already. Shorter daylight for the winter makes evening runs just that little more peaceful easy feeling. I did the usual river route to trews weir and back. […]

Running Log – Follow That Sticker

February 22, 2010


Having missed last week’s monday run and speedwork due to laziness, I was adamant on sticking to my running schedule this week. I had noticed many “Run In England” stickers with an arrow on each sticker. I assumed they marked out a running route. So for today’s run, I decided to follow those stickers and […]

Running Log – Not Yet Hard Work

February 20, 2010


No, it was hard work but I was reminded by someone that there’s I don’t know what hard work is yet. I had my experiences of what I deemed hard work, in one instance walking 50km over 4 days with little sleep, carrying loads in excess of 20kg in unfamiliar and very tough terrain, I […]

Running Log – 3 Days 1 Run

February 17, 2010


After resting for 2 days, I was raring to go. And so I did. I took the usual route to the Quay, turning at Trews Weir before heading up the horrible slope at ironbridge. A lack of hill runs was clearly evident in that single hill climb. I was held to a snail’s pace up […]

Running Log – Valentine’s Day Run

February 14, 2010


It is Valentine’s Day but there’s nothing romantic about today’s run. Don’t think running can be romantic, really. In fact, it was hard work and lots of sweat. Did a 8 x 630m. Averaging 2:43. Not too fast but faster. That’s around 4:31 min/km pace. I’ll try harder next week. I’m aiming for sub-50 min […]