I am Tan, a lazy runner. You see, I was not all that crazy about running. In fact, I hated running while I was younger. When I ran my first 10 km, I came in 2nd… last. That was 13 years ago.

Due to my job (I’m in the army), running has inevitably become part of my life. Recently, running has taken a more serious tone in my life. Err, I’m not about to turn professional and no company has yet come forward with a sponsorship deal. But really, running has become a way for me to explore the neighbourhood and relax my mind and body. Of course, keeping fit and being ready for the next IPPT is another motivation.

I started this blog to accompany my journey of achieving nirvana in running! I want this blog to grow as I do with my runs. And hopefully, I can inspire those around me to run too.

Thanks for visiting and keep in touch ;)

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