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Running Log – Run Tall, Run Soft

February 3, 2010


Running makes me happy. Running makes me tired. Running makes me stronger. Running makes me sane. I love running. I felt angry, frustrated and sad. I went running. I felt breathless. I felt tired. I felt pain. I felt better. My left heel and lower back felt most of the pain. I’m not in pain […]

Running Log – Secret Path, Stoke Hill, Beacon Lane

February 1, 2010


A run to put something in my running diary for the first day of Feburary 2010. I wanted to do something free and easy for a change. So I went out without a planned route and pace.  I simply wanted to go with the flow, take some photos and enjoy the run. Don’t want to […]

The Great Shoe Debate Continues

January 28, 2010


Once again, the Great Shoe Debate has been rekindled. Daniel Lierberman’s report in nature (if that’s too technical, read this) sparked a quick response at the running front which was aptly titled: Barefoot Running Goes Ballistic. Well, as a Newton Running blog, the post quickly turned into a Newton vs Vibram discussion. But within it, […]

Rocket Science Running Or Get It Free

January 14, 2010


I bought my pair of Nike LunarGlide+ back in Singapore a week before the marathon. My interest started with the LunarRacer because of its lightweight (slightly over 150 grams) and material of its upper. But (I thought) durability was a concern and decided to go with the LunarGlide+ instead. Due to my back pain, I […]

Barefoot Running Anyone?

January 12, 2010


Spurred on by The Great Running Shoe Debate, I investigated on barefoot running. To be honest, I felt the whole issue may jolly well be part of a conspiracy theory. I mean, even if it is true that barefoot running is beneficial and wearing running shoes actually harms your running gait and causes injuries (I’m […]

The Great Running Shoe Debate

January 12, 2010


It started with a recent post on Peak Performance by Amby Burfoot titled:  Do Running Shoes Cause Running Injuries? A Few Insights on a Dismal Science. In the post, Amby lamented about his frustration searching through medical papers on the subject. However, his discussion quickly became a running in shoes vs running barefoot debate. The […]