Running Log – Brain Braun Battle

Posted on March 12, 2010


Long run for the week took me back to Topsham. I ran at a pace that was about 2 mins slower than my usual steady run pace. That meant my heart rate was lower and the focus was more on muscle fatigue endurance.

A beautiful morning turned into cold, strong headwind. But I wasn’t done. After 2 hrs of running, I took a quick breather while I changed into a new pair of ASICS 1150. I decided that the LunarGlide+ just isn’t supportive enough and the wear-out pattern reinforced my thoughts.

Towards the end of the run, my quads were giving way. Cramps were starting to get really bad. I had to stop a few times to ease the cramps but I manage to finish the run. So it is going to be a 3-hr run next week. That should take me to the 19-mile mark.

Time taken: 2:41:53
Distance ran: 17 miles

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