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Got Legs, No Heart?

June 6, 2010


Returned to Minicing Lake Valley Park for my long run just now. Wanted to do 3-hrs of around 4 rounds. The weather was cloudy with strong wind. Everything seem to be going fine but I wasn’t in the zone. Into the 2nd lap, going up a relatively short and gentle slope, I stopped and decided […]

What’s next?

April 25, 2010


This is a tough week. I am trying to get back into shape. Did a few runs. But I’ve stopped counting them already, especially the mileage. I feel that I should focus more on the discipline of following a training plan and having a good sense of my body condition while staying injury free. But […]

Running Log – Not Yet Hard Work

February 20, 2010


No, it was hard work but I was reminded by someone that there’s I don’t know what hard work is yet. I had my experiences of what I deemed hard work, in one instance walking 50km over 4 days with little sleep, carrying loads in excess of 20kg in unfamiliar and very tough terrain, I […]

Getting Your Running Form Right

February 3, 2010


An interview with running form expert, Jay Dicharry, was published at peak performance yesterday. And just in time. I had just gone for a run and came back feeling pain (more pain) in my left heel and lower back. I knew that getting a good running form will allow me to run more efficiently and […]

Are You A Hero Of Running?

February 2, 2010


Going through the Heroes of Running at Runner’s World, the stories inspired me. Some of the heroes made me realised just how fortunate I am. Stories of Keith Zeier and David Goggins hit me harder, maybe because of their military background. Running 100 miles despite of dehydration and completing Badwater Ultramarathon to raise money for […]

The Great Shoe Debate Continues

January 28, 2010


Once again, the Great Shoe Debate has been rekindled. Daniel Lierberman’s report in nature (if that’s too technical, read this) sparked a quick response at the running front which was aptly titled: Barefoot Running Goes Ballistic. Well, as a Newton Running blog, the post quickly turned into a Newton vs Vibram discussion. But within it, […]

Running Log – Just Another Run

January 26, 2010


The run was slow and easy (cowley route). Waking up and getting out of bed were harder. After missing my monday run, the lazy bug was back. That can’t be happening. Not after I’ve put in 2 weeks of effort to keep the running going. But I started thinking why. Why should I keep running? […]