Running Log – Steady Run in Ascis

Posted on March 16, 2010


First run of the week. I’m getting lazy and I think I know why. The challenge which I had set 10 weeks ago is now irrelevant. I need a new challenge. A new goal. I want to run a sub-4 hr marathon. With an official cut-off time of 4:30, I suppose I MUST achieve that goal. An gosh… I’m running out of time.

2 good things came out of today’s run. I got more comfortable in the heavier but more responsive ASCIS 1150. The support in the medial post seems to be helping but just slightly. This week’s long run will tell more.

The other good thing is I realise my running has improved. I was able to complete today’s run at my 10-km race pace. Although there are many more areas to improve on, such as ankle push, knee/heel lift, it is a confident push for me to know that I am improving.

So I said it. Sub-4hr finishing time at the Taunton Marathon.

Time taken: 1:02
Distance ran: 7.4 miles

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