Uni Hill. GWR. Minefield. DMM.

Posted on May 4, 2010


Did some hill runs just now. Ran up uni hill 8 times. Felt like dying but truly satisfied. In fact I enjoyed the feeling of thrashing my lactate threshold and fighting with my mind to keep going. And rightfully, I should enjoy my runs. If I wasn’t, why am I doing it again and again?

I did an easy run yesterday. About 5-6 miles. It was quite tough. I felt weak. Probably got drained out at sunday’s Great West Run. Did 10 hours of work, almost non-stop. I was pretty exhausted when I got home…

Last saturday’s long run was enjoyable although I had to manouver pass a minefield of cow dung! I’ve got to find a more pleasant route.

Still unsure about Dartmoor Mountain Marathon… The put off is really the entry fee. £40 is quite a lot of money just to be at the startline. But then again, I’ll probably not get another chance to run across dartmoor in an organised race.

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