What’s next?

Posted on April 25, 2010


This is a tough week. I am trying to get back into shape. Did a few runs. But I’ve stopped counting them already, especially the mileage. I feel that I should focus more on the discipline of following a training plan and having a good sense of my body condition while staying injury free.

But old habits die hard…

This week, I did 4 runs. The first run after an entire week of no running was extremely painful. My shins were so sore I had to stop many times to keep them functioning. Subsequent runs of around 4-5 miles were better but I was still breathless.

The run today was much better. I could feel that my mind and body getting conditioned again. My strides were still short. Heels and knees still sluggish. Arms and shoulders slightly tense. But if I just keep at it, the day will come.

So it is a total of 15 miles this week.

With Taunton Marathon in the pocket, it is time to look for new challenges. Searching through the race calendar, I found the Dartmoor Mountain Marathon (DMM). Sounds exiting. But with the entry fee at £40, it will be a commitment. I would really hate myself if I were to go for it being less than 100% prepared.

The bigger prize of entering the race and preparing for it, would be a shot at IPPT Gold and a PB at Singapore Marathon. Heck, I am even thinking of doing the TNF100!

So 11 weeks for DMM. Will it be enough for a good run?