Running Log – Countryside Run, Thorverton

Posted on March 5, 2010


Just completed the long run for the week. Instead of distance, I set the amount of time spent running as the goal. The pace will then not be dictated by time but the condition of my body.

Decided to go for the Upton Pyne area as suggested by Caroline. And I was delighted and pleased with the countryside scenery. Although the roads were littered with cracks and potholes, no thanks to the snow and rain, the air was generally fresh and the sun welcoming.

After Cowley bridge, it was uphill all the way to Upton Pyne. Phew! Tough work which really slowed me to a drag ass pace. And I had to contend with the sight of a dead chicken (road kill) on the way up.

Nevertheless, I made my way through the dual carriageway, picking beautiful sceneries and interesting sights. I kept running till the clock struck 1 hr 15 mins. And about time as I hit the junction linking to A377. Time to u-turn and plob back home.

The sun was setting and cold wind blowing head on. I was losing heat and the shoes were starting to give way. While I still had plenty of energy in me, thanks to good fuelling before, my quads and calves were aching.

With much effort, I got back up to Upton Pyne. Yes it is a hill top town. But at least the road after it was now downhill. But I had to control my stride as the higher impact landing were now affecting my calves.

Hitting Cowley bridge, I met up with peak hour traffic. With no footpath by the side of the bridge, and the road being a single lane in each direction, vehicles had to slow down behind me as I quickly made my way past it.

Finished with the usual up slope climb to Northfield. Good run. Time to refuel, recharge and relax.

Time taken: 2:20:48
Distance ran: 15 miles

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