Running Log – Up & Down a Hill

Posted on March 3, 2010


Hill runs today. Managed to get out after work for a hill run training. Nothing too strenuous. Took it easy just striding up the slope which was about 30 degrees. I wasn’t particularly trying to take the hill at flat out speed. Rather, I was concentrating on lifting the knees and heels.

I didn’t ran too far either, about 150 metres. I could have perhaps ran a little further as I felt I was just just below my lactate threshold when I stopped and jogged downhill. But I’ll leave that till the next hill run.

All in, I ran up the slope 8 times. Averaging 1:15 per run. Into my last few runs, the calves strained. But I sensed much energy and breath in me to do a couple more. But again, I’ll leave that till the next hill run.

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