Running Log – Running 1:01

Posted on March 2, 2010


I was lazy yesterday. But what the heck, I needed some rest. Went out for an eazy run today at 4.30pm, down the usual route along river exe to the canal bridges. Plenty of runners, most of female, likey to be students from the university. The weather was fine. Not much sun, low humidity and slight breeze.

For most part of the run, I was focusing on my arms. The aim was to keep them relaxed, parallel and close to the body not crossed. I was also a little conscious about my breathing. I wanted to control that a bit more instead of the usual runaway train kind of breathing which makes me feel terrible.

Overall, it was a good run and an easy one. Just the right thing to kick start the month of March!

Time taken: 1:01:35
Distance ran: 7.4 miles

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