The Great West Run 10km

Posted on February 28, 2010


The race was part of the Great West Run warm-up series to the actual half-marathon in May. After the 5km race, I was determined to fare better this time round. I did a tempo run last friday instead of my usual long run which I will be doing tomorrow.

There were more runners than the last race and I started at the rear of the pack. I saw some familiar faces and thought if they would be running at similar pace as the 5k race. I quickly got into rhythm and settled just behind the middle pack. Into the 2nd lap, with some runners fallen off the pace, I was left with a few runners to keep pace with. There were Mr “red shorts”, Mr “long tights”, Ms “firm butt” and Ms “pinky”.

Going into lap 3, pinky was ahead of us by about 15 metres. I was right behind red shorts. The head wind was terribly strong and I sticked right behind red shorts to save some energy. However, red shorts was not in a generous mood. When he realised what I was trying to do, he filtered to the right leaving me in the spotlight. Battling the wind, I could see the distance between us and pinky widening. Somewhere after the 7km mark, red shorts overtook me. But he brought along firm butt and long tights. I was devastated.

Then when the eventual winner “lapped” us, firm butt with another runner, “yellow vest”, pulled away. Red shorts gave chase, leaving me and long tights at the back. With the wind now behind us, I found some energy in me and overtook long tights. I was surprised it came easy and he did not give me a hard time.

Into the final lap, I hoped to re-join the pack but the headwind was just too strong for me. I got comfortable and slowed down! With less than 1km to go, I could see yellow vest overtaking pinky, firm butt ahead of red shorts. Long tights was nowhere to be seen. And we finished in that order.

I was hardly comfortable throughout the race. That can only mean one thing: Insufficient tempo runs and hill runs. While I finished with an excellent time compared to what I was expecting, I can’t help but wonder if I could have done it in even better time.

Time taken: 47:50

Distance ran: 10 km

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