Running Log – The Sun, The Wind & The Pain

Posted on February 26, 2010


Today is a bright and sunny day. It is not too cold at all. A sign that spring is round the corner. It would be a great day to do a long run to the Upton/Brampford area. But I had decided to do a speedwork instead in preparation for the 10k run this sunday.

The plan was to do 4 laps of tempo runs round the same route for the 5k run. And that was what I managed to do. A 1:1 run/jog routine of 2:30 each. While I did not manage to do exactly that, I tried to keep up the pace. I am sure my pace for the 10k run will be much slower, maybe around 5:40-5:60 min/km pace. So I am going to aim for a sub-55 min result. Anything better will be a great bonus.

I wore my adizeros today and realise they were a tad smaller in the toe box. My left ankle was still aching from last friday’s long run. Something I am worried about. I did a simple gait assessment at ironbridge runner (on my own) and realise I am now over-pronating more than in the past. So I will be looking for a pair of moderate supportive shoes when the nike lunarglide+ goes beyond the usage of 500-600 miles.

All in all, I did 12 repetitions. I felt good and comfortable in the last 2 repetitions partly because my pace had fallen off a bit. Hopefully, I was still running at my lactate threshold pace.

Total time taken: 52:09
Distance ran: 8 km

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