Running Log – Step On It

Posted on February 24, 2010


It rained almost the entire day. But luckily the weather was fine as I went for today’s evening steady run. When I say evening, it really is dark already. Shorter daylight for the winter makes evening runs just that little more peaceful easy feeling.

I did the usual river route to trews weir and back. Took it easy on the way out because of the tingling pain in the bottom of my right foot near the forward edge of the arch. I had that pain before when I ran the Singapore Marathon 2009 in the same pair of Nike LunarGlide+. So I am now starting to really wonder if the shoe is the root of the problem. My left ankle was also hurting slightly.

But 5 minutes into the run, the pain was “gone”. A case of striking where it hurts? I was on a comfortable pace. There were quite a number of runners out there. Good to see them coming out to play.

On the way back, I was eager to run at a faster pace but feared of burning out too soon. It was only after the Mills that I stepped on it. I visualise running the last 1 mile in 3 legs. The first leg to the railway crossing was “picking up”. Afterwhich keep the pace in the 2nd leg till I have the end point in sight. And in the last 5-600m or so, I floored it and went for the finish. It was a fantastic feeling to run with all my might, struggling to keep my running form and breathing and doing all that in darkness, alone. A great way to end the run!

Eh, I had a few glups of powerade before the run, maybe that helped.

Time taken: 33:19
Distance ran: 4 miles

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