Running Log – Follow That Sticker

Posted on February 22, 2010


Having missed last week’s monday run and speedwork due to laziness, I was adamant on sticking to my running schedule this week.

I had noticed many “Run In England” stickers with an arrow on each sticker. I assumed they marked out a running route. So for today’s run, I decided to follow those stickers and see where they’ll lead me to.

It started out well but I was soon trying to guess my way at junctions as the stickers got further apart. After 5 mins of running, I was warmed up. But I soon hill upslopes and was panting. Last week’s LSD seemed to be sticking, the pace that is!

Running up Rennes Drive seemed forever. I had never been up thaat road before so it was refreshing. It may well be ideal place for hill runs. Running past the hockey pitch and sports centre, I knew the rest of the route would be downhill. And about time as my calves were aching.

Overall, an interesting route round the campus and along clydesdale road which was a gravel road actually.

Time taken: 35:54
Distance ran:3.8 miles

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