Running Log – Not Yet Hard Work

Posted on February 20, 2010


No, it was hard work but I was reminded by someone that there’s I don’t know what hard work is yet. I had my experiences of what I deemed hard work, in one instance walking 50km over 4 days with little sleep, carrying loads in excess of 20kg in unfamiliar and very tough terrain, I think I know what hard work is. But it was a timely reminder. Life has recently been good and relaxing. Maybe too wanderous for my own good.

Today’s long, slow distance run reinforced the need to keep pushing myself and not be complacent with comfort. Because when complacency sets in, one will become weaker.

I ran without water and fuel. That was an idea I got after reading somewhere that today’s runners are over-hydrating themselves. I guess it things some getting used to. I was very much drained on the way back. The strong and cold southerly headwind did not help. My sweat was actually drying up and I felt cold. I wasn’t pushing hard aerobically. I couldn’t. Not with an empty tank. I was thinking of lunch and all the fuelling I can get when I got home. Hack the run!

But now as I write this post, I am thinking of the next long run. I can run further to Exton of explore the fields at Upton and Brampford. That’s motivation.

And tomorrow? Speedwork, maybe… (calves still aching :x)

Time taken: 2:08:59
Distance ran: 13.4 miles

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