Running Log – 3 Days 1 Run

Posted on February 17, 2010


After resting for 2 days, I was raring to go. And so I did. I took the usual route to the Quay, turning at Trews Weir before heading up the horrible slope at ironbridge. A lack of hill runs was clearly evident in that single hill climb. I was held to a snail’s pace up that slope, unable to summon the quads to lift my knees with every step I took.

I managed to recover my form and breath upon passing “two silver”. The remaining distances were usually covered at a faster pace to finish the run strongly. And tonight was no different.

My calves were rather strained after the run. In fact, they were feeling that way as I entered the final mile near the mill. My pace was significantly slower as I turned onto Exe Street but I stayed focused on my form to get through it.

And in the end, it was a satisfying run. That can only be the result of 2 days of “rest” brought about by act of laziness and nature (rain). Next up, long run on Friday. I may go for an easy run tomorrow, that is, if I can drag myself out of bed early!

Time taken: 37:06.3
Distance ran: 4.5 miles

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