Running Log – Marshland

Posted on February 12, 2010


After Wednesday’s disappointing run, I tried something different today. Instead of keeping pace, I focused on form. Of course, it was a long run and not a steady run. But importantly, the mindset was fundamentally different from last week’s long run. I was mentally and physically drained because I tried to keep up a faster pace while the training objective was basically LSD. I burned out after 4 miles and could not complete the desired distance.

Learning from that run, I focused on running form – foot strike, relaxed upper body and eyes looking forward, not down. I left the water bottle at home and no gels.

After Trews Weir, I ran through the marshland instead of the cycling track which I normally did. The softer ground was less punishing on my legs but require slight control for stability. Halfway through the marsh, I realise I was all alone. It was a great feeling. For a while, I was just me and nature. I like that idea.

Recently, I have been thinking more about trail running. It may be logistical challenge to run in trails, forest or the coast here. So I was thinking about Bukit Timah, Mosquito Ring and Pulau Ubin. Nature, sunshine, fresh air. But the put offs will be mosquitoes!

Today’s run was comfortable and enjoyable. I felt good and was strong towards the end. Even with a pair of frozen hands…

Time taken: 1:29:02
Distance ran: 10 miles

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