Running Log – 4 Miles And A Half

Posted on February 8, 2010


Easy monday run. I set off with the intention to do a 30-min run at easy pace. However, as with many previous runs, I quickly settled on a running route in my mind. Night had fallen and I am not the gungho type to run into darkness, so I stuck to the well lit streets, down to the river exe, before u-turning at trews bridge.

There were quite a number of runners along the way, mostly in pairs, I counted 11. No wonder, the cool breeze meant a cooling run. But for me, it was a little chilly. In any case, I enjoyed the regular sights of runners along the way. In a way, I felt I wasn’t alone and knew that there are many others out there, like me, are running for various reasons.

And just like that, 4.5 miles for week 5.

Time taken: 41:12.6

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