Running Log – Run Tall, Run Soft

Posted on February 3, 2010


Running makes me happy. Running makes me tired. Running makes me stronger. Running makes me sane. I love running.

I felt angry, frustrated and sad. I went running. I felt breathless. I felt tired. I felt pain. I felt better.

My left heel and lower back felt most of the pain. I’m not in pain denial. I am aware of the stress. I looked around, investigated and found some answers.

Heels – I can help by doing better, proper warm ups instead of the usual slow jog for less than 5 mins at the start of the run. I can do better at controlling my strides and focus on midfoot strikes. I will run soft.

Lower Back – I can help by not dumping my pelvis. I can do better by not arching my lower back forward. I can do better at strengthening my hip flexors. I will run tall.

Time taken: 30:40
Distance ran: 3.7 miles