Getting Your Running Form Right

Posted on February 3, 2010


An interview with running form expert, Jay Dicharry, was published at peak performance yesterday. And just in time. I had just gone for a run and came back feeling pain (more pain) in my left heel and lower back.

I knew that getting a good running form will allow me to run more efficiently and with more hard work, be able to run faster. Now, what I didn’t realise is that it is even more important to get my running form right so that I will stay injury free!

Jay talked about flexibility, strength and muscle memory as the 3 primary things to look out for in running form. Although he nicely summed it up with a simple and easy to remember “run tall, run soft”, I am aware that lots of effort have to be put in to get those things right – stretching regime, strength building, training runs and more.

Let’s get started!