Running Log – Secret Path, Stoke Hill, Beacon Lane

Posted on February 1, 2010


A run to put something in my running diary for the first day of Feburary 2010. I wanted to do something free and easy for a change. So I went out without a planned route and pace.  I simply wanted to go with the flow, take some photos and enjoy the run. Don’t want to put too much stress on the systems.

Entrance to the "secret path"

Though it would be a dirt track

I decided to check out this path that cuts through the neighbourhood opposite the University which I was told. With trees by the side and roads far away, the air was sure fresher. But somehow, I felt I was running heavily, almost like running on the spot. Could be the shoes’ cushioning which I felt was too much. I plod along and the path led me to the opposite end of Prince of Wales Road where traffic was heavy.

Students from Exeter University getting off class

Dismantled plane in front of a house

Turning right, I ran down Union Road before hitting the roundabout at the end of it. An impromptu decision took me up Stoke Hill. Gentle uphill climb which felt long and there’s a school at the top of the hill. You can see pretty far from the top of the hill and there were more hills behind it.

Going up Stoke Hill. Lots of cars on the road.

Entrance to Stoke Hill Jr School. Note the 5 mph speed limit.

Making a u-turn at the top, I quickly returned to the roundabout and turned left onto Prince Charles Road. I wonder what happened to Prince William Road. Prince Charles Road is a familiar route that I had ran before which will eventually lead me to Beacon Lane and Arena Park. The route is undulating and if I’m not wrong, covers part of the Great West Run half-marathon route. There were some runners along the way too.

Took this on the way down Stoke Hill

Shanghai Fish & Chips?

Old buddy got a fresh coat of paint.

It was getting dark and more importantly, cold. I stop short of hitting Arena Park and got on the return trip. The last one mile or so was fast, downhill road. A perfect way to end a good run.

Matching outfit haha! Got them FOC.

My makeshift camera belt using strap from a bag.

Time taken: Approx 43 mins
Distance ran: 5.2 miles