The Great West Run 5km

Posted on January 31, 2010


This is my first overseas race. Running in a race is always different from the usual training runs. And running in unfamiliar conditions adds to the excitement. Not to mention, I was the only asian there.

Organised by Ironbridge Runner

I hadn’t plan to join this race as I felt the race entry fee was a little hefty for me. But when Mark offered a free entry, I jumped at it. Races are good. Competition endeavours excellence.

The weather was freezing cold. Let’s see, the temperature was… zero degrees. And while waiting for the race brief and flag off, there was a gentle breeze blowing. Yet some of the runners were wearing shorts while I was shivering in my pants!

There were around 50, maybe 60 runners. Some, obviously there to compete and win, most others, like myself, was there just to race. I knew where I stand among them and quickly disappeared into the centre of the pack.

As I stood in wait for the horn, I recounted my race plan. Yes, I have a race plan for a 5 km run:), take it easy in the first lap, build up to a steady pace towards the 2nd, and finish off strongly in the last km. Somehow when the horn sounded, all these plan went poof!

Maybe it was the cold, I quickly found myself in an uncomfortable situation. I couldn’t breath smoothly, my legs were still sore from yesterday’s 13-mile run, and I wasn’t running my own race. I ended up following behind this guy to keep pace. Maybe I was too close to him, he quickly ditched me and picked up speed. I was left looking for another target.

Nice number

Into the 2nd lap, it started snowing! And I was eating snow. My fingers and face were frozen. I just wanted to finish the race. Well, I was still chasing down people in front of me but the gap was closing behind me too. Into the last km, my eyes were fixed on the finish line. I wanted to chase down the guy in front of me but he noticed me coming and picked up speed. Too much for my sorrowful legs.

As I crossed the finish line, 23:30. But I didn’t have a good look at my watch so I’ll have to wait for official results. Not fast but good enough for a first. It is definitely a good run (especially when it is free!) and really stretched my limits.

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