Running Log – Back To Topsham

Posted on January 30, 2010


Finally, long run for the week. Decided to do a run to Topsham again. Lots of sun but the temperature was low. It was around 2 degrees. And the wind was terribly cold and strong.

Not the toilet this time

Into the first mile, I felt tired. I couldn’t lift my knees as much as I wanted to. I was definitely not relaxed. My arms were burning into the 3rd mile or so. I tried to focus on my foot strike and upper body. Breathing was difficult because of the cold wind and low temperature. I’m simply not built for this weather.

The road to Exmouth. Maybe next time

Nevertheless, I reached Topsham. Decided to take it easy and stopped to take some photos here and there. I followed my plan to run pass Bowling Green Nature Reserve, return along River Exe and Topsham High Street. The scenery was simply beautiful. But the headwind was terrible.

Birdwatchers paradise


And by now, the sun wasn’t shining on me anymore. My fingers and toes were frozen, my nose was running faster than me, and I eventually hit the wall. With just 1 mile to go, I had to stop. Not to take photos (although I did), but because I had to. I was broken. The last 1 mile ended in a walk-run-walk-run routine. I did finish off with a strong attempt but I knew I had emptied my storage of glycogen.

Is it laughing at me?

This is one run I would want to forget but many lessons learnt. One of which is really hydration especially in that kind of weather.

Time taken: 1:53:47
Distance ran: 13 miles

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