Running Log – Evening City Run

Posted on January 27, 2010


This evening run has put my running back on schedule. Didn’t have much inspiration for a new route so I did a run round the city centre. And boy was it a yummy one.

KFC + Pizza Hut

Have a cuppa

The route took me past the clock tower at queens street roundabout, up blackall road, past sidwell street, before turning back at the end of old tiverton road.

Hmm... looks familiar. Ran past here before.

Felt that I hadn’t put in much effort, the pace was easy and I had stopped a few times to take photos. But the focus was on my running – upper body movement, foot strike, knee lift, strides. Seemed too much things to look out for such a relaxing evening run.

Deserted Exeter High Street

Time taken: 30:57
Distance ran: 3.8 miles

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