Running Log – Just Another Run

Posted on January 26, 2010


The run was slow and easy (cowley route). Waking up and getting out of bed were harder. After missing my monday run, the lazy bug was back. That can’t be happening. Not after I’ve put in 2 weeks of effort to keep the running going.

But I started thinking why. Why should I keep running? Why should I get out of bed to run on a cold wintery morning? Why do I want to put in the hard work?

I made attempts to answer those questions but came up blank. So I questioned myself again.

Shouldn’t I keep running because I like to run? Shouldn’t I get out of bed in the morning to run because it is the perfect way to kick off a day? Shouldn’t I put in the hard work if I want to run faster, further and more efficiently?

Sometimes it isn’t fun anymore to do what you want to do. But some goals will keep you at it. Goals that will keep me running, goals that gets me out of bed on a chilly morning, goals that makes me want to put in the hard work.

Something to think about, I think.

Time taken: 19:10
Distance ran: 2.5 miles