Running Log – Topsham

Posted on January 22, 2010


This is my long run for the week. It is also a recce for my 2xrun which I’m planning to do. The weather was fine. Slight drizzling and occassional cold breeze. I was getting more headwind from the cars zipping past me. The motivation was a sumptuous meal I had planned for after the run.

My Motivation!

I wasn’t too worried about my pace. All I wanted was to enjoy the run especially since this was going to be the longest distance I’d run in Exeter. The route took me past the Ironbridge, down South Street, onto Topsham Road, past Countess Wear, before heading into Topsham on Exeter Road.

6th Battalion The Rifles

While the route was basically following a heavily utilised road, I did picked up a few interesting sights. Besides the gate to the 6th Battalion The Rifles, it had to be the Beijing Topsham Fryer that made my day. Shops like that can be found in many of the small towns but to name itself after China’s Capital, it’s a first for me.

Beijing Topsham Fryer

The run was simple, slow and comfortable even on the climbs. If there’s any advice I can give, that would be to visit the toilet before heading out. By the time I hit Countess Wear, I was holding back the load which I eventually offloaded at Station Garage’s toilet beside Topsham Railway Station. Luckily for me, the mechanic was an easy-going chap.

£8500 for a Beemer? No, I need a toilet!

I probably could have picked up the speed a little more on the way back. More importantly, I enjoyed another run :)

Total Time Taken: 1:46:17
Total Distance: 10 miles

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