Running Log – Foggy Monday Morning

Posted on January 18, 2010


Week 2 of The Challenge and I’m feeling that it may just get tougher to keep in line. My legs were feeling used from yesterday’s speedwork. But hey, no pain no gain. I’m sure I’ll get over this transition and move into auto-mode soon. So hang in there!

Today’s run was cold. Barely 3 degrees andvery foggy. For once the Met office was right on the dot. On the road, it was the usual morning traffic along the single lane Cowley Bridge Road, lined up with cars inching towards Exeter City Centre. So the air was definitely not fresh and clean.

As usual, I ran the cowley route and turned around at the roundabout before stoke road. Took some time off to take a few photos and got some stares by drivers who were weary about my safety. I realised then realised I wasn’t on a foot path!

Railway tracks & Cowley Bridge Inn

On the way back, the lungs got tired. The legs got tired. And the brain got tired. As much as I tried, my pace fallen off and ended up with a 20:48.1 timing.

Total Time Taken: 20:48.1
Total Distance: 2.5 miles

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