Running Log – Exeter Canal Bridges

Posted on January 15, 2010


Finally did my long run for the week which almost didn’t happen (the bed was too comfy and warm!). The weather was dry and cool. Not much wind, which I like. Saw a couple of runners, plenty of strollers and some cyclists. When I reach Double Locks, I went further down the path. Double locks had always been the furthest point of exploration for me. To my surprise, the path was a smoothly paved tarmac road for cyclists  which seem to be neverending (something like park connectors in Singapore just without the sun).

You can always choose your destination

Go right to the Swing Bridge

And the scenery was beautiful too. On the left is the Double-locks Wetland created by the local city council. It is suppose to replace a large grass field with little wildlife. Hmm maybe I didn’t look hard enough but I didn’t see much wildlife there. On the right is a stream which will eventually join up with river exe.

A scenic run

Waste turned marsh

The Exeter Canal Bridges was a refreshing sight from a different angle. Previously, I was crossing it while on a bus ride to Plymouth. Didn’t really had a good look at the canal and surrounding.

The return leg was a chore. I think I was a bit dehydrated and exhausted especially towards the end. Afterall it was my first longest run in winter. It can only get better from here on (fingers crossed).

A satisfying run nonetheless. So it is a thumbs up from me ;)

Time taken – 1:17:40
Distance ran – 7.82 miles

Reminds me of ROC

Control Tower for the Swing Bridge

My running mate everywhere I go

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