Running Log – Clydesdale Avenue

Posted on January 13, 2010


Running man

The snow are all gone now. It was 6 degrees celsius so it was cooling but not too cold. I like tonight’s weather. I went up Clydesdale avenue as I wanted to do a short and easy run somewhere near the hostel.

Quiet road

What started as an easy run turned into a slow-paced tempo run. I covered the same loop 5 times and I was actually enjoying the repetition! Clydesdale Ave was QUIET! Good for such night runs. I’ll probably do it again. The gentle slopes also made it a good place to do hill runs.

The Flash?!

Pace was about 6 min/km. Good pacing! I was focusing more on my running gait and posture – relaxed arms and shoulders, running tall, fore/mid-foot strikes, toes push-off, lifting heels, short strides. But my breathing was terrible. Maybe it’s the winter ;)
Time taken – 19:52.9
Distance ran – 2 miles
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