Singapore Marathon 2009

Posted on December 10, 2009


Finisher goodies

No, I wasn’t prepared. But I was determined to complete my 4th marathon. So I filled in my friend’s shoes when the opportunity came.

I was relieved to read from Jeanette Wang’s article on Straits Times that the average timing for the 2008 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon was 5hr 50min. Slow and easy ya?

Other than the tingling back pain I had for the past week, the run started off pretty well. Nick was patient enough to run at my pace as I warmed up. Turning into Shenton Way, we picked up the pace a bit. A pace of 71/2 min/km would keep us in good position for a 5hr+ finish.

The first 10km was a breeze. Entering ECP, I suggested taking turns to set pace. Thinking back, that was probably a mistake.

We started making our way pass the crowd. But as we hit the 16km mark, our bodies started to breakdown and it was downhill from then on. Nick was getting soreness in his knees and my calves were starting to hurt badly. We struggled to the 21km turning point. The PowerBar station was a welcomed sight but my calves were starting to cramp up.

Happier times before the race

I had suffered the same fate in my 1st marathon in 2004 and insisted on running. I ended up suffering from severe cramps and could barely finish walking the race in 6hrs 11mins. 5 years on and 3 marathons later, I was determined to do bette. I started walking. And I was pretty fast and was even passing some joggers!

I kept myself distracted from the pain by chatting with other runners. There was this uncle who ran his 1st marathon back in 1990 and had the strategy of “run 8 mins, walk 2 mins”.

And there was this 39 year-old mother of 2 boys. She’s doing her 1st marathon. We chatted as we “speed walked” towards a sub-6 hr finishing time. She was fantastic and I’m sure the boys would be proud of her.

Marathon 09

Finishing with a smile

Roaring crowd cheered on (I assumed for me) as I crossed the finishing line in 5hr 54min 6 sec (net). Not exactly what I had in mind but I was proud of the achievement nonetheless.

So one of my goals for 2010 will be to be actually run a marathon, preferably beating my PB of 4hr 45mins 21sec. Eh, that should put me in the top 20% of the finishers right?

If you keep running, the running will keep you going!

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